The Guidance Office is responsible for providing a caring, compassionate environment that is inviting to all who enter. As guidance counsellors and educators, our role has been organized into three distinct areas:

  • student development;
  • interpersonal development; and
  • career development as it relates to pathway planning.

Our counsellors are equipped to provide ongoing academic, social/emotional, and pathway planning supports for our students. We encourage students to take an active role as vibrant, positive members of our school community and lifelong learners.

Welcome to Austin - Information for Grade 9 Students

Helpful links for Grade 9 Students

Part 1:  Getting Dressed 

What you need to know about the Austin Uniform

McCarthy Uniforms

Part 2: The Bus

Durham Student Transportation Services (DSTS) 

Part 3: The Map

Finding your way around Austin

Part 4: Our Staff

Meet the Staff at Father Leo J. Austin CSS 

Part 5: Lockers and The Lock

What you need to know about your locker and lock

Hooda Math - Combination Lock 

Part 6:  Being Prepared

Tips on Staying Organized 

Register for the Head Start Program

Community Involvement Hours


Grade 8 Information Session

Watch our presentation to learn more about our school community and programs available.

Meet our team

Our Guidance team is here to help you navigate your pathways. Our office is open:

Monday to Friday
9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Contact a member of our team by calling 905-666-2010. 

NameTitleSupporting students with last names beginning with letterExtension
Megan Doherty, OCT


A - I

x 51016

Erin Malkin, OCT

Curriculum Chair

J - R

x 51013

Gillian, Ginesi, OCT

Manbahal-Rahim, Vinita, OCT (P1) Sem. 2


S - Z

x 51014

Jo-Anne Guindon OCT

Student Success Teacher


x 51026

Ted Longauer, OCT 

Co-operative Education Teacher


x 51019

Chris Waghorn, OCT 

Careers Teacher


x 41346

Sarah Sirizzotti



x 51010


Our Services

Making a Guidance Appointment 

We welcome you to speak to a guidance counsellor regarding any questions you have about navigating your way through your high school experience and beyond. Making an appointment is easy.

  1. Come in to Guidance before school begins, on your spare (Grade 12 students only), or on your lunch. 
  2. Ask the guidance secretary that you would like to speak with your guidance counsellor.
  3. Tell her either your last name or the name of your counsellor.
  4. OR reach out to counsellor on Edsby by sending a message

Things to remember...

  • Only students on a spare can book an appointment during their spare. No student should book appointments
        during class time;
  • Any additional time with a counsellor can be determined between the counsellor and student; and
  • All parents should notify their child's counsellor to book either an appointment by phone or in person.
Important Dates

Visit the guidance office, listen for announcements and follow the school's Twitter account and website calendar for a list of important dates regarding:

  • College and University Visits
  • Applications to Post-Secondary Education
  • Course Selections
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Volunteer Opportunities and more. 
Register for School 

We welcome students of all faiths at our Durham Catholic secondary schools. 

ALL PROSPECTIVE Father Austin students MUST complete a Pre-Admission Package (excluding students from our associate elementary schools who live within the Father Austin boundary). Print off the package using the attached link, complete and submit to Guidance with ALL required documentation. The registration process is ongoing throughout the year.

ANY PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS who are NEW to our Board MUST complete the DCDSB Online Student Application IN ADDITION to the Pre-Admission package.

Please contact our guidance secretary for further details -, or  905-666-2010  (x.51010)


To request an official transcript, please email, or call 905-666-2010 (x.51010).

Indicate your:

  • full name,
  • date of birth,
  • the year you graduated from Father Leo J. Austin CSS, and
  • contact phone number and email address.

Transcripts are $5 per copy (up to a maximum charge of $20). If you will not be the person picking up the transcript, please indicate who will be doing so on your behalf. Please allow 1 business day for processing.  

Stay Informed 
We encourage you to subscribe to this page, in order to receive the latest updates and information regarding important dates and deadlines for applications. 
Contact Us 

Have questions?

Speak to a member of our team.

Phone: 905-666-2010
Fax: 905-666-3035