Staff Directory

Our staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call905-666-2010.

Administrator Title Phone Extension
K. Denomme Prinicipal  51000
M. Kettrick Vice Principal (A to L)  51000
J. Neundorf Vice Prinicipal (M to Z)  51000
Name Title Phone Extension
Breandan McCallister Chaplain  51023
Administrative Assistant Title Phone Extension
A. Wilkinson Head Secretary  51000
K. Latin Attendance Secretary 51008
S. Sirizzotti Guidance Secretary 51010
C. Slaney Finance Secretary  51002
Custodian Title Phone Extension
C. Bianco Custodian  
J. Blair Custodian  
G. Hanley Chief Custodian 51031
G. Henry Custodian  
P. Hughes Custodian  
A. Janiga Custodian  
S. Snider Custodian  
Educational Assistant Title Phone Extension
Y. Brouwer Educational Assistant              41275
L. Gardiner Educational Assistant              41293
C. Jeffs Educational Assistant              41304
S. Luke Educational Assistant              41975
M. Pashko Educational Assistant              41324
S. Santos-Posteraro Educational Assistant               42380
Teacher Department/Subject Phone Extension
N. Arseneau Teacher 40204
R. Baccellieri Teacher  41267
J. Bellmore Teacher   41270
C. Brady  Teacher  41272
D. Brady  Teacher  41273
A. Brown  Teacher  40368
M. Camazzola  Teacher  41276
J. Campbell Teacher 40223
J. Carnovale Teacher 40431
V. Carnovale  Teacher   41277
J. Cooper Teacher  41281
W. Cooper Teacher 40252
C. Corrigan Teacher 41916
H. Cotter Teacher 42129
P. Creeden  Teacher   41282
T. Dinn (Salter)  Teacher   41283
R. Dobson  Teacher   41284
L. Dobos Teacher 42297
M. Doherty  Teacher   51016
J. Duval Teacher 41929

J. Flynn

Teacher  41363

H. Fournier-Tighe

Teacher 40568

C. Freeman

Teacher 40371
J. Gagnon Teacher   41291
N. Geiecker Teacher 42475
M. Gibson-Merola Teacher 41434
A. Ginesi Teacher 41473
G. Ginesi Teacher 41294
Z. Gnat Teacher 41295
R. Gorman  Teacher   41296
L. Groen  Teacher   41298
J. Guindon Teacher  51026
P. Hanz Teacher 41299
L. Hill Teacher 41968
M. Holmes Teacher   40273
N. Hudgins Teacher 41303
M. Iannuzzi Teacher 42474
F. Jussaume Teacher   41305
A. Kattuveettil Teacher 40742
S. Kment Teacher 42133

D. Kivlahan


D. Klobucar


R. LeBlanc


T. Longauer Teacher   51019
E. Malkin Teacher   51013
V. Manbahal-Rahim Teacher 41991
K. Merola Teacher   41315
B. Metcalfe Teacher   41316
T. Mitchell Teacher   41317
K. Moane Teacher   41319
C. Pezzarello Teacher  41326
A. Polidano Teacher   41327
K. Polidano Teacher  40932
M. Pye Teacher   51012

M. Reis

Teacher   41331
N. Robin Teacher 41953
R. Rogers  Teacher 40889
T. Rudkins Teacher  51009
K. Ruthard Teacher 42178
D. Ryan Teacher   41334
S. Shea Osborne Teacher 40361
C. Simon Teacher 41338
D. Sponagle Teacher 41153
M. Staresinic Teacher 41098
S. Teasdale Teacher 40886
L. Tone Teacher 41344

L. Tucker

Teacher 42184

N. Vaillancourt

Teacher 42222

C. Waghorn

Teacher  41346



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