Technology, Computers and Business

Check out all the amazing Technology, Computers and Business classes and programs available at Father Leo J. Austin Catholic Secondary School.


The Business program offers a variety of courses to help students develop a deeper understanding of the world of business and to focus their area interests. We offer the following courses to help students develop their knowledge and skills in the areas of:

  • accounting;
  • entrepreneurship;
  • information and communication technology;
  • international business;
  • marketing; and
  • business leadership.
Business Applications and Web Design 

We offer Grade 9, 11 and 12 courses to students who are interested in learning business software applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Students will also learn web design using HTML and CSS. These courses will also introduce 3D design software and 3D printing.

  • Grade 9 - Information and Communication Technology in Business (BTT1O1);
  • Grade 11- Information and Communication Technology (BTA3O1); and
  • Grade 12 - Information and Communication Technology: Multimedia Solutions (BTX4C1).
Business Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) 

A Specialist High Skills Major course is a Ministry-approved specialized program that allows students to focus their learning on a specific economic sector, while meeting the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma (OSSD). A Specialist High Skills Major program enables students to gain sector-specific skills and knowledge in the context of engaging, career-related learning environments and helps them focus on graduation and on pursuing their post-secondary goals.

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering courses focus on computer hardware, software and networking, as well as programming, electronics, interfacing and robotics. We offer the following courses:

  • Grade 10 - Computer Technology (TEJ2O1);
  • Grade 11 - Computer Engineering (TEJ3M1); and
  • Grade 12 - Computer Engineering (TEJ4M1).
Communications Technology  

The Communications Technology and Yearbook course examine communications technology from a media perspective. Students will develop knowledge and skills as they design and produce media projects in the areas of live, recorded, and graphic communications.

Construction Technology 

Construction Technology courses focus on the development of knowledge and skills related to residential construction. Students will gain hands-on experience using a variety of construction materials, processes, tools, and equipment.

Transportation Technology 

This course enables students to develop technical knowledge and skills as they study, test, service, and repair engine, electrical, suspension, brake, and steering systems on vehicles, aircraft, and/or watercraft. 

Robotics Team

The Father Leo J. Austin Catholic Secondary School robotics team competes in two - three competitions per year against other school teams. Team members must plan construct and program an autonomous robot to complete a specific task, and/or compete head to head against other robots.