2021 DCPIC Parent/Guardian Survey

Posted On Thursday May 13, 2021

The Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (DCPIC) is a parent/guardian-led advisory committee working within the Durham Catholic District School Board. The committee is conducting a parent/guardian survey that will assist in setting the committee’s direction for the 2021/2022 school year.

The survey consists of six questions and will take approximately five minutes to completeTo complete the survey, please click here.

The main purpose of the DCPIC is to encourage, support and enhance meaningful parent involvement to improve student academic achievement and well-being. By providing a direct link between parents, Catholic School Councils, the Director of Education and the Board of Trustees, the DCPIC is committed to working in partnership with all stakeholders to promote faith formation and student success in our schools. The DCPIC holds monthly meetings which are open to the public. To learn more about the DCPIC, please visit dcpic.ca.